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  Special Insurance

Both the travel and individual health insurance premiums are an eligible expense through your Private Health Services Plan (excluding the portion for cancellation and lost luggage)

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is designed to cover losses resulting from sudden, unexpected and unforseeable circumstances that occur outside of your province of residence. It is perfect for snowbirds, family vacations or any kind of travel plans. Travel insurance covers medical emergencies, as well as trip cancellations, delays, and lost baggage.

If you're interested in travel insurance for your trip, please click here.

Travel Insurance

Individual Health Insurance

You can provide your family with a secure health insurance plan for a reasonable cost. This plan provides the essential benefits not included in your provincial health plan, including air and ground ambulance, and in-hospital private duty nursing in private rooms.This can provide peace of mind, knowing that you are ready for unexpected (catastrophic) medical costs.

If you're interested in individual health insurance, please click here.

  Individual Health Insurance  

Immigrants and Visitors to Canada

Whether visiting family or immigrating to Canada permanently, this plan can cover the cost of emergency treatment and care. It provides you and your family the medical coverage you need with very few limitations. You can choose a daily or annual plan, and coverage extends to trips to the United States and Mexico.

If you're interested in insurance for immigrants and visitors to Canada, please click here .

  Immigrant and Visitor Insurance  
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