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   Am I Eligible? How do you know if you qualify to enroll in the Private Health Services Plan?
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Through Cost Efficient Benefit Plan you qualify for the Private Health Services Plan (PHSP) if you own an incorporated business or are a sole proprietor and if you pay taxes.

The size of the business does not matter. There may be one or numerous employees.

A sole proprietor can enter into a PHSP with a third party administrator such as Cost Efficient Benefit Plan.

(Canada Revenue Agency's 
guidelines for Sole Proprietors click here)
Health Spending Account
Health Spending Account Health Spending Account Health Spending Account
Health Spending Account   Health Spending Account   Health Spending Account  
  If you have an incorporated business or a partnership you qualify. You could be a single one-person business or have numerous employees.   Companies with existing benefit plans can use the (PHSP) as a health spending account to lower your existing premiums and add coverage that is not usually covered by the regular plan.   As a sole proprietor all your family’s health and dental expenses are covered under the (PHSP). The Private Health Services Plan is the ideal plan for your business.

(Canada Revenue Agency's guidelines for Sole Proprietors 

The most common definition of a medical expense is a payment made to a licensed medical practitioner qualified to
practice under the provincial laws of the place where the expenses were incurred. Medical expenses eligible to be
paid out of the PHSP are expenses which would otherwise qualify as medical expenses within section
118.2(2) of the Income Tax Act.
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